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Europe Tour 2014 Message

Anonymous said:
❝ have u ever felt like going back to past and doin' something different? like making different with someone or living another life? ❞

wow this is random

yeah, i have; i feel like that very often, but i’ve learned to push that aside because it’s no use. no matter how much i regret stuff, i can’t go back and change anything, so i might as well simply keep going and try my best not to screw up again. i wouldn’t want another life though. there are so many little things going on that make me the happiest ever, so many people i’ve met that have me taught a lot, and so many wonderful memories i would never ever want to forget. ♥ hope this answers your questions!

yeppeo-bean said:
❝ Hey~ do you have the link to the original pictures for this edit? /post/91623673638 ❞

yep i do~ pics one, two, three and four! ♥

Anonymous said:
❝ Cutie lady ヾ(。◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ ❞

….silvi is this you. u w u


nothing’s changed.


nothing’s changed.

UKISS x Icecream ✩

UKISS x Icecream

Anonymous said:
❝ hey doll~! i hope you are having a wonderful day, afternoon, or evening ^^ ❞

aklhfdalhd this is so cute! i hope you’re having an amazing day yourself, bby ;w;


Anonymous said:
❝ How are you, cutie lady? ❞


what is this

how come tumblr never told me i had this in my inbox

i’m lfkhaoiekads tHIS IS SO CUTE

who are you omg let me love all over your beautiful soul fldahflkad

to answer your question: i’ve been better! but it’s nothing to worry about, everything will work out in the end~

It’s sad, but life is full of sudden goodbyes.
- ハヤテのごとく (via ryuul)

9/ of merciless little piece of perfection, shin soohyun.